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Sports Injuries
Sports injuries prevent you from enjoying your favorite activities and can lead to other health complications if left untreated.

Brian Carr, MD, and his team provide comprehensive care for patients with sports injuries. They can also perform surgery for more severe injuries, and, whenever possible, use minimally invasive techniques.

Sports Injuries Q & A
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The Las Vegas Concierge Orthopedics team offers some highly effective therapies for sports injuries. They develop a personalized treatment plan for you that combines these options, helping you manage your condition better.

Some of the treatments available include:

  • Anti-inflammatory medication
  • Physical therapy
  • Activity modification
  • Steroid injections
  • PRP injections

These conservative treatments often provide great benefit to patients with sports injuries. However, if you find your condition isn’t improving with conservative treatments, you may want to discuss surgical options with the team at Las Vegas Concierge Orthopedics.

In some situations, the body will not be able to repair itself, and that is when surgery may be the next best option. There are a number of surgeries that can address specific sports injuries. For example, a patient who suffers from a severely torn and damaged anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), may need a surgical procedure that will reconstruct the ACL entirely.

Injuries like fractures often require surgical intervention as well. After a consultation at Las Vegas Concierge Orthopedics, the team will consider whether surgery is truly the best option for full healing.

Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts are anxious to get back to their favorite activities, and they often ask how long they must wait before they can participate in competitions or workouts. It’s important for patients with sports injuries to understand that the recovery period is an essential part of the healing process. In order for your body to heal completely and prevent future complications, the team at Las Vegas Concierge Orthopedics recommends a treatment plan that allows you to achieve the best recovery possible without risking future injury. Depending on your unique condition, the recovery process will vary from person to person.

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